Here are some quick additions to your daily skin care routine that will freshen you up while boosting your confidence, too! Whether you're looking to lighten up you skin, moisturize, or just give your skin an all-around boost, we surely have the product that is right for you.

GlutaMAX Men Facial Wash 100g
GlutaMAX Men Facial Wash 100g  Description: A premium whitening product specially formulated by the experts for the unique skin care needs of today''s men. GlutaMAX MEN Facial Wash contains antioxidant that energizes the skin as it works in synergy with...
₱170.00 ₱149.00
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GlutaMAX Face Cream 30g
GlutaMAX Face Cream 30g Description: Gently lightens uneven skin tone and discolorations on the face, improves over all skin textures and protects skin against the harmful effects of the sun. Guarantees visibly lighter, smoother and blemish-free skin.
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GlutaMAX Light & Firm Facial Wash 50g
GlutaMAX Light & Firm Facial Wash 50g Description: Goodbye acne and hello clearer skin with GlutaMAX Light and Firm Facial Wash! With consistent use, the Facial Wash cleanses deep-seated dirt in your skin, plus, firms and tightens your pores. It...
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GlutaMAX Underarm & Inner Thigh Cream 30g
GlutaMAX Underarm & Inner Thigh Cream 30g Description: GlutaMAX Underarm and Inner Thigh Skin Lightening Cream effectively lightens intimate areas such as underarms and inner thighs.
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