Personal Care

Treat yourself to the ultimate self-care with our range of products that will penetrate into the deepest layers of your body to cleanse and refresh from within.

GlutaMAX Feminine Wash 150ml
GlutaMAX Feminine Wash 150ml Description: Now you don't have to worry about using an intimate feminine wash that leaves a burning sensation after use and causes irritation! GlutaMAX's premium feminine wash gives a refreshing and cleansing experience that also holds...
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GlutaMAX Deo and Antiperspirant 50ml
GlutaMAX Deo and Antiperspirant 50ml Description: For the girl who is always on the go, sweaty armpits leave a nasty stain on your clothes and a blow to your confidence. Have 24-hour lasting protection against sweat and body odor using...
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