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Are you an avid fan of online shopping that you have saved all the dates, flash deals and sales to your calendar? With the new normal, shopping online becomes a necessity more than retail therapy. 

Going to the store by yourself is indeed more pleasurable than scrolling endlessly for the things you need. But as we upgrade our online shopping platforms, consumers like you become more informed before purchasing the products.

Online shopping lets you filter from brands, price range, shipping origin, and even product type. You will be able to see reviews and ratings from other buyers before you purchase it. 

Plus, online shopping lets you score more discounts from campaigns and themed promotions if not monthly by the hour.

The problem is that if you are buying multiple items from different stores, the shipping fee goes up, and not all stores will have all your essentials. 

To solve that problem, Cosmella was born. A digital platform that aims to nurture and improve the health, wellness, and lifestyle of every Filipino online shoppers. Cosmella offers an array of curated health and beauty products at a reasonable price nationwide delivered right into your doorstep.

So what makes Cosmella different from the others? 

It only distributes products that are 100% authentic. Each item is sourced from guaranteed manufacturers and distributors. It also houses your favorite brands, including, GlutaMax, GlutaMax Men, YSA Botanica, Anagen, Nice Day Coffee, and V-Block Spray. 

Every order is ensured to reach your doorstep in excellent condition as they partnered with trusted courier services. With Cosmella, you can fill your cart with different products and pay one shipping fee only. 

When things go wrong, you do not have to worry about chasing every brand's customer service. Cosmella dedicated a support team that will attend to all your concerns regarding your order. Returns, replacements, and refunds will no longer be a problem. 

Cosmella is more than your eCommerce website. We are launching with Cosmella Magazine, an online publication where you can read honest reviews, latest trends, and technology on the beauty, health, and wellness scene.

Watch out as Cosmella more brands that will cater to all your needs. 

Once you shop with Cosmella, you will never have to look online shopping the same way again. 

So here are some useful tips that you can try whenever you shop online:

Consider the days to ship and shipping days 

If you are shopping for toiletries or skincare, you do not want to have an empty bottle before hitting check out. When you know you only have a week left for your supply, repurchase it. Online shops will need a couple of days to pack your orders, and couriers will need time to deliver your items. They will depend on your delivery address.

Read Reviews

Nothing beats a useful review of the product you want to try. Especially if it is the first time, you will try a product. You can search for blogs or vlogs to read reviews. Most online stores have ratings and reviews from previous buyers too. You can check them out and see if it is the right one for you. Keep in mind that some products may work for others and not work for you, so always be vigilant. 

Watch out for sales

As mentioned above, online shopping has its perks, and most of them follow a global sales trend. Special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine's, Halloween, Singles Day, and even your birthday, platforms love to put up a sale. Other brands will have a random sale. To take this advantage, you may sign up for their newsletter and follow them on socials to be updated. 

As we continue our journey to the new normal, we encourage you to do your part and stay home as much as possible. Shop for your goods online, avoid the hassle, and let Cosmella deliver it to you. 

What do you usually shop online? Let us know. 

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