Caffeine Fix with Nice Day Coffee: Cleansing, Slimming, and Whitening

Coffee has been stapled in our morning, making it the world's popular beverage. It can perk up your senses, but it also contains antioxidants and provides other benefits.

What if we tell you that your coffee can do more if we combine other powerful ingredients? Introducing Nice Day Coffee: a coffee that perks you up and keeps you healthy; it comes in three variants - cleansing, slimming, and whitening a coffee that is ten times better than your regular cup.

Let us unveil each star ingredients of each variant and discover the health benefits you can get. 

Nice Day Cleansing Coffee

Do not be afraid of the word cleansing. You can still drink this and not spend an entire day in the toilet. With each cup, it will help promote better digestion, a more robust immune system, and protects your body from various diseases such as cancer, heart, and liver diseases.

Ingredients include: 



Also known as Reishi Mushroom, it can help boosts your immune system, fights fatigue, improves memory, lower cholesterol levels, reduces inflammation, relieves stress, and stimulate blood circulation. 

Grape Seed

The grape seed extract is known to reduce blood pressure, improve collagen levels, support the aging brain, improve kidney function, inhibit infectious growth, and protect the liver.

Goji Berry

The benefit of goji berry includes eye protection, promotes healthy skin, stabilizes blood sugar, prevents liver damage, and improves depression, anxiety, and sleep. 


If you ever had a history of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), you heard of cranberry. Cranberry is rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin E, Vitamin K1, and Copper. It also contains plant compounds that act as anti-oxidants. 


Spirulina is exceptionally high in nutrients and has proven benefits to lower bad LDL and triglycerides, reduced blood pressure, anti-inflammatory, and improved symptoms of rhinitis and effective against anemia. 

Nice Day Slimming Coffee

If you are trying to lose weight and loves coffee, then this next variant is for you. This Nice Day Coffee variant improves digestion and reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. 

It contains active ingredients such as:

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

An Omega-6 fatty acid found in meat and dairy that can help shrink abdominal fat. It can also help you feel fuller controlling your appetite. 


L-Carnitine is an essential amino acid known to boost one's metabolism. It helps burn fat and convert it into energy. L-Carnitine increases blood flow on muscles while gives you the stamina helping delay discomfort and fatigue. 

This coffee also contains fiber and sucralose. 

Nice Day Whitening Coffee

If better skin is your goal while enjoying a coffee cup, we are sure you will love this product. Packed with ingredients that promote radiant and elastic skin, you will never look at your coffee the same way again. 

It contains the following ingredients: 


More than skin whitening, glutathione can improve fatty liver disease, reduce oxidative stress, improve insulin resistance, fight autoimmune illnesses, and reduce respiratory disease. 


We all know that collagen improves skin's elasticity, but it also improves the condition of the hair and nails. As we age, we produce less collagen hence joint and back pain. Taking a collagen supplement can help alleviate signs of aging. 

How to take Nice Day Coffees? 

It is no-brainer; each pack comes with ten sachets. All you need to do is to pour one sachet on a cup and add water. You can enjoy it hot and cold.

If you wonder if all these ingredients change the taste of your coffee, you do not have too. It still tastes like your good old cup.

These coffee are keto-friendly, too, as we used sucralose as a sweetener. And if you are lactose intolerant, there is no need to worry, and we used a non-dairy creamer.

Still not convince? Take a cup today and feel the difference. 

Disclaimer: If you have pre-existing conditions, kindly talk to your doctor before taking this coffee. 

SRP: Nice Day Cleansing (Php 142), Nice Day Slimming (Php 132), Nice Day Whitening (Php 143).

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